My Dad

My Wife

The story behind "From A2B"

Hi my name is Neil Fowler

From A2B” was founded in September 2012 after my wife had recognised an opportunity in the market place for a more flexible type of courier service, one that a customer could request to go from point to point often at short notice. 

Of course there is nothing new about couriers, although traditionally most follow the same system of regular runs and telling you when they will be in your area for a pick up.  The niche market we uncovered and our business model is to be totally flexible for our customers and allows us the opportunity to provide a specialist service. 

We do not lock anyone into regular runs or pick up times or have them purchase vouchers up front.

We also really appreciate our domestic customers just as much as our business clients something I think has been largely ignored by others in this industry.  Whether you are a private person or a business we provide the same service seven days per week. 

As I was explaining to my father our business plan he said “so Neil basically you are constantly going from 'A' to 'B'.  He got it, that’s exactly what we do, we take items for anyone from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ It was then, my father suggested the name “From A2B” and the rest is becoming history.

I am so excited with the potential of this business and everyday is an opportunity for the team to provide excellent customer service while we continue to grow.  So the next time you are looking to get something from 'A' to 'B', please think to call us at “From A2B